Safari & Desert

By far one of our most fun excursions! Choose between discovering the beauty of the desert at Sunset or at Sunrise as you zoom across the yellow sand. Feel free to have a guest on the back with you for free.


  • Escape Sharm el-Sheikh for an off-road desert adventure
  • Take a 4×4 Jeep journey into the desert
  • Hike through a canyon nestled in limestone walls
  • Discover the flavours of Bedouin cuisine with a local lunch
  • Mingle with local Bedouin families and sip tea

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  • Bike Tour From Dahab
  • blue hole Jeep trip jeep safari

    Blue Hole Jeep Trip

    From $12

    Real adventure in blue hole and wadi mandar valley

  • blue hole and canyon

    Canyon and Blue Hole

    From $15

    Go hiking to the canyon then discover the blue hole. With camel riding and enjoyment of Dahab magic.

  • Go Kart excursion

    Go Kart

    From $22

    We know you really want to try a formula one race car, but go kart is the second best thing after formula one.

  • Hiking in dahab

    Hiking Trip

    From $95
  • horse riding

    Horse Riding

    From $15

    Horse Riding in Sharm el Sheikh with secret of the desert

  • Moses Mountain & St. Catherine Hiking

    From $25

    Take an amazing trip to Moses mountain and St.Catherine mountain.

  • sand buggies

    Quad Biking and Sand Buggies Trip

    From $15

    Take a ride on wild side with quad biking. be prepared to get covered by dust whilst having an awesome time.

    Explore the Sinai Desert on our amazing sand dune buggies ! Faster and safer than a quad bike, there’s also room for 2 sat side-by-side!  A truly fantastic way to explore the desert.

  • sand buggies

    Quad Biking in Sharm el Shiekh

    From $10

    Quads Biking Activity is perfect for those will desire more speed control than being streeved by camel or horse to explore the splendid desert and drive around Dahab

  • camel riding in sharm el sheikh

    Quads & Camel Ride

    From $15

    Go on Camel riding for thirty minutes and Adventure Safari Quads Biking for three hours ,make it in the desert with nice wild world.

  • quad biking and horse riding excursion

    Quads Biking &Horse Riding

    From $21.50

    Enjoy the thrill of the Quad bike, Go faster and pump that adrenaline. For the best experience, Try this activity at sunset, the view of the desert with the sunset is amazing, add that to Riding a quad bike or a horse and you will have the best excursion in your life.

  • Sharm El Sheikh Bike Adventure

    Sharm El Sheikh Bike Adventure

    From $72

    Imagine your bike experience in the best National Park in Africa and Egypt; Sharm el Sheikh Ras Mohamed National Park .

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