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Sharm El-Sheikh is gifted with natural beauties of the Sinai , including its idyllic beaches, rare and beautiful reefs, crystal clear water and surrounding mountains.

Why Sharm?

  • This city is located the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea, close to Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
  • Sharm’s is best known as one of the number one diving sports world-wide.
  • The city itself is a metropolis of entertainment where one’s wallet goes a long way.
  • Sharm’s culture is alluring as people relax outside or in restaurants.
  • At night, the city comes alive with lights and live entertainment as the streets fill with tourists.

Part of Sharm El-Sheikh’s mystic is that it is exotic yet European at the same time.

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  • Naama Bay Shopping

    Sharm El Sheikh City Tour

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    Take a guided tour around the town to find you bearings.

  • St. Catherine Monastry

    St. Catherine Monastery

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    A full Trip to St. Catherine Monastery, experience the rich Religion History.

    Take a journey to the cultural site for Muslims and Christians where God spoke to the Prophet Moses.

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