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  • body guard service in Egypt

    Body Guard with VIP Service

    From $90

    You will never walk alone we secure you and look as royal family

  • hair stylist private session
  • Gym Private Trainer

    Private Trainer PT (Gym day )

    From $80

    keep fit with highest mood and best PT in egypt

  • WIFI dongle rent in Egypt unlimited

    From $45

    Stay conncted to your world with highest internet service

    If you need more gigabytes then it is available for every 7GB (gigabytes) at 20 GBP so you can download movies and make video calls.


    Our Travel Rep will provide this to your hotel door


    On the day of departure they will pick the Wi-Fi device from you and give back your deposit – 10 GBP


    Note any loss of property will be charged at 45 GBP

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