Sharm El Sheikh Diving Packages

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March 5, 2018
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March 6, 2018
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Sharm El Sheikh Diving Packages

$55.00$290.00 per person


Sharm El Sheikh Diving Packages

Diving Days is the best way for professional divers ; to tailor their diving package and take advantage of Sharm el Sheikh 21 diving sites.

Just book the number of days you wish to tailor your package to where you can chose to include the following into your package:

Sharm El Sheikh Diving in Tiran Island

Diving in Sharm El Sheikh Ras Mohamed

Sharm El Sheikh Diving in The Blue Hole

Diving Package in Sharm El Sheikh Thistlegorm

Sharm El Sheikh Diving in The Don Raven

Sharm El Sheikh Diving in The three Pools .

Once you book the total number of days that you wish to include in your package and we throw in free lunch and drinks. 

Note: If you want your package to include going to ship wrecks then please let us know in advance as there is an extra charge of $55 and there are limited number of bookings.

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