Speed Boat Trip

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June 17, 2017
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Inflatable sofa adventure
June 17, 2017
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speed boat

Speed Boat Trip

$60.00$90.00 per person

Speed trip in Red Sea with an amazing atmosphere.Book Now and Get VIP private transfer with Soft Drinks and surprises


Speed oat Trip

Have you ever wanted to try the fastest speed boat in the sea?

Get the experience now in this amazing and action packed adventure.

An extremely fast boat that will run on the water surface.

  • Feel the buzz of Sea life aboard your own private speed boat tour, hanging around the ship viewing beautiful coral and visiting various snorkeling stops, wherever you want at your leisure, trips can be at sunset or any time in morning.
  • 2 hours on boat tour included transfer return private & access to the beach.
  • We got the drinks and snorkeling equipment for you.
  • Maximum of 7 people allowed.
  • Every extra hour will cost you $40 .

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You will be picked up from your hotel at sunrise or sunset – depending on your preference and be taken a sandy beach, where you will get on your speed boat with Private Driver and start your tour of the ship, view the coral and the option to go to Tiran island (this must be booked in advance)

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring:

  • A bathing suit/ appropriate swimwear
  • A camera to capture your memories
  • Money for drinks as they are not included with the booking
  • Money for food and drinks if you haven't included it with your booking.
  • Money for shopping
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Sun Protection
  • Water


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