wonderful recreational activities in Dahab

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wonderful recreational activities in Dahab

Quad Biking in Sharm El Sheikh

wonderful recreational activities in Dahab

The most beautiful recreational activities in Dahab are due to the enjoyment of many beautiful tourist activities such as enjoying

horseback riding, walking on the beach, riding camel and penetrating it in the desert, the existence of historical trips and enjoy swimming,

watching the various marine plants and coral even if you are not professional in diving with fun inside Boats with glass at the bottom.


Dahab contains many different tourist activities that fascinate everyone who visited her and she also compels everyone who visited her to return to her again. Here are some of these recreational activities as follows:
Dahab offers cruise connections from inside the boat and you and your family can also see coral reefs, enjoy the world of the sea before you, rare marine organisms, colorful fish and other things that make you enjoy your time and are always keen on these trips.

 wonderful recreational activities in Dahab

Bedouin holidays:

The Bedouin holidays are the most important activities in Dahab where there are:

• Famous Bedouin tea that has a taste and special taste made from tea leaves and desert herbs.

• The fun of camel riding and movement within the desert.Bedouin holidays

• Looking forward to the old Bedouin life.

• Watch the oriental displays that are unique to the Bedouin.

• Enjoy desert barbecued desert dishes.

• With the imagination of the night and its charm in lighting millions of stars that shine in the sky.

• Enjoy the beautiful and pleasant atmosphere with living inside the private Bedouin tent.

• Look at the games of desert snakes and scorpions.

• There are also the Bedouin people who are the hosts are known for their generosity and hospitality and good treatment, it is a tradition and they have that they do not change.

 wonderful recreational activities in Dahab


Great Jeep Trips:

Dahab includes pocket trips where you can ride jeeps where the fun and excitement you see on the road:

Explore the beauty and beauty of scenic landscapes.Great Jeep Trips:

• Visit to Wadi Salama.

• A visit to the White Valley road, which is a land covered with white sand, a narrow track, with many lanes, and in the end there is the

harsh desert plateau, and the road is again narrowed to the oasis of Ain Khadra, where it has been home to thousands of thousands of

thousands of years.

• Visit the White Canyon and Peace Canyon.

• With a view of the Mushroom Rock.

Quad Biking Trips:

Dahab is witnessing four-cycle trips. It is one of the most enjoyable trips you can see:Quad Biking Trips:

• Fun driving at high speed within the desert.

• Enjoy with friends racing.

• Incursion into the vast desert with the pleasure of seeing the sunset of the sun while driving and the multi-color colors of the sky.

• Experience in driving quad bikes on sand dunes.

Swimming trips

Dahab enjoys the presence of the Red Sea, which is one of the most beautiful seas, where it contains non-ferocious marine animals where the activities of swimming, such as:

• Enjoy swimming in the Red Sea.

• See the spectacularly colored coral reefs.

• Know what goes on inside marine life.

• Can shoot underwater.

wonderful recreational activities in Dahab


Historical monuments in Dahab:

St. Catherine’s Monastery:

• Historical monuments, the oldest Orthodox Christian monastery in the world.

• The vision of the Holy Tree, known as the Sacred Tree, is located inside the monastery.

Mosque of the Governor by God’s command:
• It is an old mosque built with granite.

• It was built in the Fatimid period.

• Dating back to the 11th century BC.

Mount Moses:
• Enjoy climbing Mount Sinai (Mount Moses).

Watching sunset or sunrise is a test you can not forget.

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