The most important water sports in Sharm El Sheikh

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The most important water sports in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh adventures

The most important water sports in Sharm El Sheikh

One of the most popular recreational activities that Sharm el-Sheikh is interested in is water sports, which are admired by millions

an enjoyable activity to an unparalleled degree, and this is accepted by all who visit Sharm el-Sheikh, especially in the summer

The most enjoyable recreational activities that many may experience in this wonderful city

The most important water sports in Sharm El Sheikh


Rent a private boat for you and your family

for a day or half day You can rent a private boat for a day, enjoy the most beautiful scenery during the sailing trip on this boat, you can swim and dive in the heart of great locations for this type of sport, just choose wherever you want to go south or north of Sharm El Sheikh.

On this boat you will spend a wonderful day with you and your friends and family. It is great and comfortable and it has diving equipment.

The amazing thing about this experience is that you will see the dolphins that are the only ones in South Sinai, so let’s tell you that this

experience is unique.

Diving in Tiran Island

If you are looking to enjoy the sparkling waters of the sun falling on the Red Sea, you can take a day cruise on Tiran Island for snorkeling

and enjoy the sunny atmosphere and fresh air.

Tiran Island is an island located in the southern part of the Gulf of Aqaba. It has the most famous and beautiful water areas, which include

the most beautiful coral reefs and lakes, and when you go there all you have to do is relax, relax, swim and dive in transparent waters.

Not only that but you can also watch the beautiful and attractive rare turtles and fish.

The most important water sports in Sharm El Sheikh


Enjoy a full day at the Aquapark

Waiting for the largest water park in Egypt and Sharm El Sheikh, enjoy a trip to the water park, which is filled with over 60 water slides

for all ages. The water park is one of the best choices for all your family and friends. You will enjoy everything around you. Not only will

you have food during the day, drinks, and two ways to get to and from this park.
Enjoy a full day at the Aquapark

Banana Boat (banana boat)

The so-called hydromotor is a recreational boat that can accommodate 3 to 10 passengers sitting on it and putting their feet on it, wearing

life jackets for their own safety. The motor boat attached to this skate pulls it out very quickly and in the end makes a strong turn to turn

the passengers in water .

The most important water sports in Sharm El Sheikh


A kayak boat

Is a small boat powered by the power of human hands, originally designed to be pushed

manually through a double paddle, and this boat may sit one or two individuals behind each of their legs covered, and this is designed for

the sport of rowing fun and exciting.

The Badal Boat

Riding the Baddal is very suitable for beginners in the boat ride, and its method of use is very

easy, and the entire family can ride it, and alternates every two people to press their feet on

the rowing wheel of the legs.

commercial boats parasailing

It is a sport that is more than wonderful and is loved by everyone who tries it.It is an umbrella with one or two people, and this umbrella is

tied to a boat that goes terribly fast in the water and pulls out the umbrella, in this sport fun and activity of the body and mind as well.

Water skiing

This type of sport is a recreational activity that has a wide popularity and is popular throughout the world and because in Sharm El Sheikh

there are all the conditions for this sport, including the water that is not influenced by the waves, which made all tourists love this sport in

Sharm El Sheikh.



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