The Jerusalem trip from Sharm El Sheikh

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The Jerusalem trip from Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh Trip to Jerusalem 

The Jerusalem trip from Sharm El Sheikh

The fun of traveling and hiking is a journey through Jerusalem from Sharm el-Sheikh during the day of the night is simpler and easier

than you imagine.

It takes about 7 hours to travel by land. This means that you can not afford to travel to Jerusalem.

The city of Jerusalem is the hub of the three religions.

 The Jerusalem trip from Sharm El Sheikh

The journey from Sharm el-Sheikh at 1 am to midnight runs north through the Sinai to the Taba crossing, which is on the border between Taba, Egypt and Eilat. It takes about two hours and a half.

Many tourists use the crossing for easy navigation and quick action relatively easily.

After crossing the Taba crossing and reaching Eilat, Israel, which is 3 to 4 hours away from Jerusalem, is reached by car.

During the Jerusalem trip from Sharm el-Sheikh we stop at the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on the surface of the earth and wait

until you see the buoyancy on the surface of the water where you can enjoy burying yourself in mud for what is said to be a cure for many


After that we stand around the Mount of Olives where you will see the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where Christ was crucified.

Then we walk around the Dome of the Rock and the Wailing Wall.

Then we go to visit Bethlehem.

The sights you see during the Jerusalem trip from Sharm El Sheikh

First: The Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea enjoys important historical and religious monuments such as the Cave of Lotan peace be upon him, the presence of Masada

and Khirbat Qamaran.

Some visitors use the Dead Sea during the Jerusalem trip.

A very salty sea is located on the West Bank to the State of Israel.

Where the Dead Sea is known as the lowest drop point on the ground and the beach is about 400


It is one of the world’s most important seas for industry and tourism.

Is a city located 10 km from the southern side of Jerusalem and it enters within one of the series of the mountains of Jerusalem, rising from the sea by about 775 meters.

The city enjoys the great historical monuments of the Copts, such as the birthplace of Jesus, peace be upon him.

It also contains many great churches, the most important of which is the Church of the Nativity, which was built at the top of the cave.

There is also a crypt near the church where Jerome stayed for thirty years to translate the Bible.

Third: Galilee Region:

Includes many places that have a holiness in Christianity such as:
The City of Nazareth:
Is a city far from the city of Jerusalem about 105 km from the north according to the Christian

beliefs where it is said that our Lord Jesus Mary Mary Mary the birth of Jesus.

Cana Galilee:

Is a small village that is said to have witnessed the first miracles of Jesus Christ, the son of
Mary, peace be upon him.

Mount Tor:
Is the mountain that witnessed the transfiguration of our master Jesus.
It is about 588 meters long.

Capernaum City:
It is a city with an Orthodox Roman church, a monastery of the Franciscans and many old walls and tombs.
It became famous as the first city where Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, gave his sermon, the preaching of the mountain.

Fourth: The City of Haifa:
The city is approximately 158 km from Jerusalem and occupies the third place after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

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