Natural and tourist attractions in Taba South Sinai

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Natural and tourist attractions in Taba South Sinai

colored canyon south sinai

Natural and tourist attractions in Taba South Sinai

Natural and tourist attractions in Taba South Sinai

The site is located in the city on a number of distinctive landmarks including: The flag platform is a monument to the site of raising the Egyptian flag on the land of Taba liberated on March 19, 1989. The typical nomadic village of 198 Bedouin houses, a school, a health unit and 60 shops and center Youth, and set up to serve the Bedouin communities especially Wadi Al Marakh Batpa.

. In addition to the Taba Museum, which preserves the history of the city’s landmarks. It includes three halls containing more than 700 artifacts that are an archive of the lives of the people of South Sinai from the Pharaonic to the modern era.

Gulf of Fjord

Located 15 km south of Taba, Fjord Bay is an amazing dive spot embraced and protected by a spectacular natural bay of coral reefs in an unforgettable scene. Diving and diving professionals can be reached through a large group of reefs at a depth of 16 meters. The journey begins within the pit to a depth of 24 meters, during which divers witness rare scenes of marine life, including the sight of sea fish.

The open is feeding on small glass fish and silver fish.

For less experienced diving enthusiasts, the alternative is the banana region, a shallow spot of coral reefs that resemble banana fruit, which reaches a depth of up to 12 meters and houses a variety of fish and reefs.

Taba Reserve

Taba Reserve
Taba is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. It contains caves and mountain passes; valleys such as the Wadi Wattir, Saljah, Sawana, Nakheel and Ein Khadra Oasis; as well as rare species of animals; 50 species of birds and more than a rare plant.

Colored Canyon

colored canyon in south sinai colored canyon south sinai

The Colored Canyon, the Colored Groove or the Canyon is one of the natural wonders of Taba. It is a labyrinth of colored sandstone that reaches some 40 meters in some places. The valley; which runs deep in the mountains of the desert, is formed by rainwater and winter torrents that have been channeled into the mountains after hundreds of years of flow. The colored valley was named after the colors of the walls and the veins of mineral salts; which draw lines on the sand and lime stones and add colors of crimson, orange, silver; gold, purple, red and yellow.

Pharaoh ‘s Island
Pharaoh 's Island
Pharaoh ‘s Island  is 10 km from the city of Aqaba and 30 meters from the Sinai coast. It is located in Salah al-Din archaeological citadel, which was established by the commander Salah al-Din in 1171 AD.

Taba South Sinai

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