September 7, 2017
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January 1, 2018
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Sharm El Sheikh Surviving Against The World System

Last 5 Years sharm Elsheikh Faced biggest competition  to survive after the world system keeping pushing to destroy sharm elsheikh by suspend flights and tourism targets and it converted to be the best destination for East Europe and Arab Middle east .

A lot of business Men in tourism sections lost the hope according Egyptian government miss leading  the destination problems and and cut the infra instruction budget  .

The results is%40 0f hotels Shut dawn and the %60 of the reset hotels do not  spend renovations and started to move the investments and there is hotels management suspend the business in sharm elsheikh as Three corner’s  ,Hilton .

Sharm ellsheikh Best destination In Egypt should be in the priority of the government interest .as in has massive range of qualification and repetition it is became the main destination for Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Jordon.

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