How to Go to Dahab from Sharm El Sheikh Airport
How to Go to Dahab from Sharm El Sheikh Airport
August 10, 2018
Sharm El Sheikh Airport
Sharm El Sheikh Airport
August 14, 2018
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Safari Tours in Sharm El Sheikh

Safari Car Bagi Sharm El Sheikh:

Safari Tours in Sharm El Sheikh

If you are an adventure enthusiast and a horseback riding enthusiast, Sharm El Sheikh will be your destination;
there, where the vast desert of Sinai embraces the sea, you can enjoy the safari safaris in the desert sands where there is unlimited pleasure.

Safari Travel Programs in Sharm El Sheikh

Safari Tours in Sharm El Sheikh

Enjoy the safest details of a safari in the desert by riding the beach buggy and driving the motorcycles that will enable you to explore the

beauty of the desert. The most interesting adventure will be riding camel and horse horses and walking in an exciting experience that you

have never experienced before.

The fun of the day is complete with a candlelit Bedouin dinner and high mountains with a view of the oriental display, ending with the desert stars watching the telescope. Safari adventures are one of the most exciting and exciting activities in Sharm El Sheikh.

Safari Tours in Sharm El Sheikh

Mix Safari in Sharm El Sheikh:
The Mix Safari is one of the safest entertainment spots in Sharm El Sheikh. It is a two-person trip that is suitable for honeymoon trips and

allows you to do several activities at the same time. First you can ride the motorcycle for about an hour, then you can ride the desert ship

“The Beauty” Between your sand for half an hour.

Then return to the features of the original Bedouin environment where you drink the delicious Bedouin tea made of coal in the tent

Bedouin, later you can ride the car Baji and travel through the mountain areas that reflect the beauty of sunrise or sunset, which you can
enjoy in a natural atmosphere captivating.

Safari Tours in Sharm El Sheikh

Super Safari Car Baji Sharm El Sheikh:

You will have a very enjoyable time if you have the spirit of adventure and you are ready to make your way between the desert and the hills of Sharm El Sheikh under the leadership of Kar Baggi. After enjoying the camel ride you will also enjoy a delicious dinner in an authentic Bedouin character. Popular, special circus shows, snake shows, of course you can document all those moments by taking memorable photos to keep them forever.

Super Safari Motorcycles in Sharm El Sheikh:

Safari Tours in Sharm El Sheikh

Enjoy the motorbike ride through the towering mountains of Sharm el-Sheikh and its hills, explore the nature of the Egyptian desert, taste the delicious Bedouin dinner and finally watch the special entertainment in a Bedouin tent session that takes you to a magical world of a unique oriental character.

Motorcycle Safari in Sharm El Sheikh:
Motorcycle Safari in Sharm El Sheikh:
There is nothing like the fun of riding a motorcycle and enjoying a fun race with friends and family. If you are a fan of this sport, you can use it to watch the magic of sunrise and sunset in the desert and learn about the life of the Bedouin in Egypt.

Safari Car Bagi Sharm El Sheikh:

Safari Car Bagi Sharm El Sheikh:
The most popular tourist destination for tourists and foreigners. Tourists are always looking for fun and excitement by exploring the features of the desert and strolling through the car buggy. It will be an enjoyable journey to get to know the features of Bedouin life and see the sunset and sunrise with your friends.


Colorful Canyon Tour and Blue Hole in Sharm El Sheikh:

One of the most interesting places to visit in Sharm El Sheikh is the Abu Gallum Reserve, located in the middle of the desert. The guide

speaks about the Canaries and displays its sights for tourists and you can take pictures with your friends there.

And then you will go to the Bedouin tent at the end where you will hear the taste of Bedouin tea, and then you will go to the city of Dahab

and you will enjoy riding beauty on the coast of the Red Sea, and finally you can enjoy swimming in the waters of the Blue Hole, which is

one of the most famous diving places in the world and then eat Bedouin food .

Safari Tours in Sharm El Sheikh


The colored canyon is located near Nuweiba in the high mountains of Sinai. The reason for its coloration is its coloration, which varies

from red, green, yellow, and white. It is said to be the result of an earthquake that occurred about 2 million years ago and contributed to

determining its shape. Visit to him and know its features and history.

We recommend you go there if you are a fan of natural places.

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