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January 13, 2019
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Ras Ghamila Best dive spots Sharm El Sheikh

Ras Ghamila at Shrm El sheikh

Best dive spots Sharm El Sheikh

Best dive spots Sharm El Sheikh

Ras Ghamila

Best dive spots sharm el sheikh

Ras Gamila Split up a vast and rather shallow sandy lagoon from the sea.
It is an interesting place for a fine drift dive that is not too hard and  perfect at 12m-15m gliding you northwards over many large colonies of Porites coral, splendid Acropora corals (table corals) and beautiful Gorgonian Sea Fans.
It is an ideal place to look out for Feathertail stingrays, Barracuda and Grouper.

Ras Ghamila Red Sea Ras Ghamila at Shrm El sheikh

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Ras Umm Sid 

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Best Diving Sites in Sharm El Sheikh

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