Naama Bay Sharm El Sheikh

Kitesurfing in Sharm El Sheikh is endless fun
September 23, 2018
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Old Market Sharm El Sheikh
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Naama Bay Sharm El Sheikh

Khalig Neama

Naama Bay Sharm El Sheikh South Sinai

Khaleg neama Sharm_el-Sheikh_-_Naama_bay_

Naama Bay – we call it at Arabic Khalig Neama .

Namma bay is in Sharm El Sheikh “South Sinai ”

This part in Sharm El Sheikh; is the most beautiful part in Sharm El Sheikh , has wonderful sandy beach , Arab and foreign restaurants .

naama bay sharm elsheikh Naama bay red seanight in Naama bay

Na’ama Bay is the resort district of Sharm el-Sheikh it is located just 5 minutes drive from the historic Old Cit ; and in the other direction just 5 minutes from the International Airport.

So visit and enjoy the 5-star hotel resort experience, dine on the nearby streets or venture into the Old City for historic, and ethnic experiences.Take dive boats from the nearby harbor to experience the crystal clear waters of the sea, or just snorkel or swim in the bay itself from one of the many floating piers.


How is the weather in Namma Bay ?

Despite being in the desert the weather in Na’ama Bay is very mild mostly because ;  of the constant influence of the nearby sea.

However it is still officially a subtropical arid climate as there is practically no rainfall during the whole year.

With the sea surface temperature being in the region of 21 to 28 degrees C during the whole year there are very moderate temperatures nearby.The highest recorded temperature  in Naama bay was 46 degrees C but this was an exceptional day.Generally the best weather is during the months of December and March when the daily maximum temperatures are around 23 and 25 degrees Centigrade respectively.

Naama Bay Sharm El Sheikh South Sinai sight seeing :

Sight seeing in and around  NA’AMA BAY
The boardwalk or Pedestrian road extends along the entire length of the beach between the hotel buildings and gardens on one side;

the beach facilities on the other. The boardwalk is open to all and is another convenient way to gain access to all the dining options of the various resorts without getting your feet sandy.Outside the bay itself are some well preserved coral areas which are known as the “Coral Gardens“.

Many hotels are available outside the bay area itself and while they lack the chance to walk along the whole beach area they do have their own advantages, firstly for the snorkeling enthusiasts , they tend to have better access to corals, they are also more quiet and lastly being higher up , they have better views of the sea from the hotel rooms themselves.

Visit Na’ama Bay today to enjoy the sandy beach, gentle water and shallow seas perfect for children. Many choices of restaurants both inside and outside hotels, great discount souvenir shopping and of course an active nightlife scene with music and entertainment going into the small hours.

Go-Kart in Sharm el-Sheikh
And for something completely different, try the go-kart track at Sharm el-Sheikh, located just outside the town this giant track in the desert is a one of a kind experience.

How much for tours in Naama Bay
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